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Wed, Aug. 05

As Sam Sees It<br>

The 32-31 Arizona Cardinals victory over the Dallas Cowboys on Sept. 10 was one of the most entertaining football games it has ever been my pleasure to see. It won't likely have play-off implications, but that is yet to be determined. Most experts do not see either of these teams in the top echelon of the National Football League.

That game could have huge implications for the Arizona Cardinals, though. It was probably a confidence builder for the team, individually and collectively. Quarterback Jake Plummer may have played his best and most complete game as a professional.

Kicker Cary Blanchard endeared himself to his coaches and teammates and had to have had one of the best days he has ever had as a professional with a four for four performance that included field goals of 51 and 54 yards.

The runningback duo of Thomas Jones and Michael Pittman gave the team an effective ground game for the first time in ages. Both the offensive and defensive lines played well and cornerback David Barrett turned in one of the biggest plays of the game.

The most important implication won't be known for nearly two months. Was an exciting, emotional and entertaining victory over their main rival enough for the Cardinals to gain support at the polls for the stadium proposition?

Only if the NFL (as opposed to just "Cardinal") fans in the valley realize that a loss at the polls probably means a loss of the NFL for Arizona.

The Cardinals will go if this stadium vote doesn't go their way and it is difficult to blame them for doing so. But do fans realize that there is no replacement team (expansion or otherwise) waiting to replace them? Probably not, and by the time they do, it will be too late.

One of my "favorite" readers should have more than enough time to read this column and plenty else, but we will both be glad when he can be up and around doing things other than reading.

Lee Thompson fell and broke a hip on Labor Day. He has undergone a hip replacement at Flagstaff. Lee is one of those people who is a real joy to be around. He has garnered a world of experience in his 85 years and shares it in a most interesting and sometimes amusing way.

The Thompsons, Lee and Gladys, are the type of "older couple" most younger couples hope to be someday. They will have been married 60 years in October.

Gladys told me that when they began courting, she was working in Tohatchi, New Mexico, near Gallup, and Lee was with the Babbitt Brothers Trading Post in Tuba City. They had several months of long distance courtship before they married and she got a job in Tuba City.

Lee hired out with the railroad in 1942 and the couple moved to Winslow. They have lived here ever since and the city is all the better for it.

Get well soon, Lee. We miss you.

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