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Fri, Sept. 18

Letters to the Editor


Debra Brimhall, State Representative

I want to take this opportunity, to thank the people of Legislative District 4. The support I received, the encouragement and the kindness were overwhelming.

This election has truly been a faith building experience. I was threatened that with the breakup of my marriage of 25 years, I would be beaten up and not reelected. I prayed that the pain and the hurt of all the issues that have brought my marriage to an end would not be made worse by campaign insult and injury. I prayed that no one would use my personal life struggles to cast shadows of doubt about my commitment, passion and ability to serve our district.

I prayed that the people would not believe the lies, and fall for the campaign lusts to win"no matter what." I am so proud of the integrity and respect the people of District 4 have shown for my family and our privacy and our struggles. The people of Legislative District 4 are an example to the rest of the world. Those in the world who are caught in a cynical spiral of negative appetites gone mad in an effort to entertain themselves by destroying people cannot begin to comprehend the peace and reverence I have been afforded by a people who live the golden rule as a true guide in their lives. I love you all and I thank you.

I want especially to thank my ex-husband and the father of my children for his support and integrity. As is the case in each of your families, we know each others' weaknesses better than anyone else could ever know. But, as a family, we also respect the people within our family, and individuals of integrity do not tear down others to gain, puff or build themselves. In a divorce this integrity is often abandoned and efforts to destroy are more common. I owe Neal a big debt of gratitude for his ability to avoid such temptations. Neal has continued without wavering or faltering to build me up, to encourage me, to support me in my political battles and positions of to Legislative District 4, and to work for and support those issues we all believe in and are fighting to preserve for rural Arizona. My children and our future as parents are the winners when Neal and I are able to approach our problems with this mutual level of respect. I have been so blessed with a very special friend in Neal Brimhall.

A character trait that I have found to be so prevalent in Legislative District 4 is one of giving me the benefit of the doubt. When the media twist and turn to sell ink, I have found our District residents take the time to find out the truth, educate themselves and to call and write more than any other District in this State. There are three other Districts in the same office as ours and combined they do not have the support and confidence that I have received in this respect.

The people of our district are the most free from having the enslaving power of propaganda, emotion and hysteria rule their thought process and decision-mak ing powers. I thank Heaven and you every day for your determination to stay a FREE PEOPLE by being an educated people, a people involved, a people willing to sacrifice and struggle to be ever vigilant. It is so easy to take the lazy way out and become part of the bickering masses or the critical condemning couch potatoes, unless you happen to live in our District. Time after time, negative campaigning is sent back to its ugly dark abyss. To allow negative campaigning to win is to empower and encourage it to grow to even uglier future attempts. I am so grateful that is not the will of our people. This makes the abuse all that much easier to endure.

We have major issues to take on. The rural health care problems are top on my list. I plead with you to pray for the hearts and minds of other legislators to this end. We must have a solution soon. I have worked on this for two years and have been told to count on it taking six years to get something accomplished. WE DO NOT HAVE THE ABILITY TO HANG ON THAT LONG! IT MUST HAPPEN NOW! WE NEED A MIRACLE! I do not believe in miracles, I COUNT 0N THEM. Please pray,and count on miracles. Together we win. We will take this hill. Thank you for maintaining the faith, the fight, the courage, the hope. YOU ARE ALL THE BEST. I thank you for the opportunity and hold in awe the responsibility you have given me.

Let us strive to always work together for a brighter F.U.T.U.R.E. I love God, Life, our State and the privilege to serve you.

Rep. Debra Brimhall

Fourth District

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