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Fri, July 03

Garnett named Chief of Police<br>Interim City Administrator named<br>

The City Council of Winslow took only a very short time in executive session to decide to name the interim chief of police as Winslow's Chief of Police. Steven Garnett, Sr., accepted the handshakes and congratulations of those around him and then left the chamber to speak to the police officers who had been silently attending the meeting in his support. The people in the chamber applauded the news. The council's vote was unanimous.

After this decision, the council interviewed to candidates for the position of Interim City Administrator. John Roche, Development Services Director for the city was one of the two. The other was James Ferguson of Yuma.

When the council emerged from this second executive session, there was a split vote, 4-3, for Ferguson's appointment. Mayor Jim Boles cast the deciding vote. Ferguson will fill in once the current city administrator, Don McDaniel, leaves for his new position with the Baptist Children's Foundation in Phoenix at the end of November.

In other business the council spent some time discussing the matter of solid waste disposal. There still does not seem to be a city consensus on the size and position of the containers. People appear before the council at each session to ask for various sizes and for alley pickup. The council has already voted for 96 gallon containers and for curb-side pickup.

Another option for smaller households or for those who are elderly or handicapped is being discussed. John Roche told the council this is called "pay as you throw." It would allow those who do not need 96 gallons twice a week, to buy bags which could be placed curb-side. This would both lower cost for some households and be easier to manage for some people.

The council held a public hearing to consider amendments to the Route 66 Overlay Zone Setback Requirements. No one came forward and the council moved on to approve the first reading of a new ordinance which will change those requirements. The ordinance will be published by the city.

Council had planned to adopt a new contract with Waste Management for solid waste disposal service, but negotiations are still ongoing. The matter will appear on the agenda for Nov. 29. The council did approve the first reading of an ordinance that will make some of the documents pertaining to solid waste a matter of public record.

La Posada's request to acquire hand carved garage doors from t he Hear Start center was approved. They will replace the doors with modern, functional garage doors. Some council members suggested that the doors needed to have a sign on some kind, on or near them, to indicate how they came to La Posada.

The City Fleet Yard at Colorado and Fourth has been designated for the use of the United People Who Care organization. This group provides after school programs for youth and has sought a larger building for them. The building site has underground tanks and other questions of contamination. Roche said that an interior assessment was still needed.

Mrs. Wanda Wilhoite spoke to the council for the UPWC to remind them that the group has money promised from the Block Grant funding and may lose it if the process goes on too long.

Mayor Boles said that there is a first priority for the safety of the children, but that the city and the council will work to assure that the group does not lose its funding.

The UPWC said that they would be willing to take over the building if there were only a portion of the site still needing to be blocked. Roche said that the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality would not approve it unless the entire site was approved.

A controversial ordinance put forward was to prohibit mobile vendors during the Christmas Parade. This was supported by the Chamber of Commerce which sponsors the Christmas Parade. They said that the vendors group was willing to cooperate, but they still wanted the ordinance. This passed with one dissenting vote.

Waiving the vendors permits for the parade and abandoning an unneeded right of way for the Mike's Pike extension passed unanimously.

John Roche told the council about the Public Forum held on recreation issues. While there had been only about 20 people in attendance, they were all interested and participated in prioritizing the recreation plan. The council adopted the Recreation Master Plan for 2000-2001 and approved the city's application for funds to increase the RV spaces at McHood Park. This will double the camping space available at Clear Creek if the grant comes through.

Authorization for remodeling the police department and for the funds to accomplish it was passed. The remodeling will close off the present "T" shaped corridor in the court complex building and create a door for staff and a door for the public. There will additional space for the watch commanders as a result, and increased security for the dispatchers.

With the Weed and Seed money, the council approved an additional full-time police officer and the hiring of a coordinator for the program.

Several contracts were awarded for repainting city facilities. The buildings include the Airport Hangar, the East End Rest Area, the Fleet Yard building at Colorado and Fourth, the Roxanne Whipple Memorial Library and the interior of the Indoor Pool.

McCauley Construction was the low bidder for the beginning construction of the Mike's Pike extension. Councilmember Tom McCauley left the dais during the discussion and approval of payment.

The council adjourned at 12:15 a.m.

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