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Sat, Sept. 19

<br><br>Forest Service hiring for summer positions

FLAGSTAFF—In response to this year’s severe fire season and recent legislation signed by the president, the Forest Service is hiring some 3,500 employees in firefighting positions over the next several months. The new positions will support the National Fire Plan, which was developed with the U.S. Department of the Interior. The plan outlines Forest Service actions to address the threat of catastrophic fire throughout the country.

Both permanent and temporary positions are advertised, including positions for the 11 National Forests in Arizona and New Mexico. Applicants must be at least 18 years old and may be asked to pass a physical fitness test and drug test as a condition of hire. Most of the jobs will be entry-level forestry aids and technicians assigned to firefighting duty. Some will require more specialized knowledge and skills. Salary rates range from $7.47 to $15.52 (GS-2 through GS-9), and will vary based on location

Information about permanent and temporary positions nationwide is posted at Additional information about the Forest Service’s Automated Staffing Application Program (ASAP) is found at www.fs.fed. us/people/employ/asap/index.html. The toll free phone numbers is (877) 813-3476, and an application package can be requested from the USDA Forest Service, Automated Staffing Application Program, 1249 S. Vinnell Way, Suite 108, Boise, ID 83709. Applications can also be downloaded from the ASAP website. To be considered for the first round of selections, applications must be postmarked by January 19. Additional rounds of hiring fire positions will take place through March, with most jobs in the Southwest filled by April 2001.

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