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Thu, June 24

New record company, featuring Native artists, releases new CD

FRAZIER PARK, California — Those wanting to chill out or get rid of their stress can do so by listening to Great Mystery’s new CD, “In the Spirit.”

Charles Button, known to Tuba City folks for his stalwart support of Stars in the Desert, has started Sacred Mountain Records and the band Great Mystery has cut the company’s first CD.

Great Mystery includes Navajo flautist Milton Tso, Yaqui drummer Paul Cassarino, Wichitia/ Caddo singer and drummer Michael Edmonds and Iroquois musician Charles Button.

Button said each of the members is talented and it has been fun working with them.

Button describes this calm flute music as a combination of traditional and modern influences.

“We recorded it in three days. We didn’t know each other and it was spontaneous, but the music came out cool,” he said. Button said that the response has been good because the mellow sound helps people heal through meditation or relaxing.

“This music takes people to places, but not all to the same place —and that’s good,” he said. “ It’s a way of honoring traditional music. We honor the past, but we live in the present.”

There are 17 songs on the sound track, including a traditional Navajo chant, Hey-Ya-Hey, sung acapella by Maelene Bedonie.

Button said 1,000 copies were made and they have been selling so fast, that another 5,000 is in the works. The cover for the CD album was shot at Newspaper Rock near Tuba City.

While Button has the highest of hopes for this CD, he emphasizes that this is just the beginning of many albums to follow.

“I’m interested in hearing from Native American musical acts in any style,” he said. “This will open doors for many artists. It’s fun to change the world with good music,” he said.

The CD sells for $15 each. Those wanting information about the album can look at web site or e-mail Button at or telephone 661-245-9291.

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