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Mon, April 06

City Council defeats zone change for Wilson, passes change for Bales

At the City Council meeting August 8 a public hearing was held on the rezoning of 10 lots along Winslow Street. The neighbors were concerned about the status of their area since the new zoning would be multi-family for these lots. This is the only option available in the zoning code for manufactured homes, which the development company was proposing to build.

The council split 3-3 on the issue and the rezoning failed.

On the issue of the dedication of land to extend Bales Avenue, a petition was presented that had been initiated by the neighboring area of Winslow Plaza, but signed by people from all over the city. They asked that only a utility easement be granted for the Park View Apartments. This would allow the placement of pipes for the apartment complex, but would not allow a sudden paving of an extension. Under a dedication, the city would not have to plan such an extension, since the lot holders along the right of way could do it themselves.

The council compromised. THey put it in the ordinance that in order to pave this extension, another hearing and council vote would have to be held. Then they voted 6-0 for the dedication or land for the extension.

Water and sewer rates were raised. The city administrator passed out information that showed Winslow among the lowest payments for water and sewer in Arizona even after the raise was made. Only Kingman and Lake Havasu City showed lower rated, while Flagstaff, Show Low, Pinetop and Williams are considerably higher.

The contract with Waste Management was set aside for the time being. As the city prepared to sign a contract, Waste Management indicated they wanted new terms. Specifically, to put their rates on an annual CPI basis. If the cost of living goes up, so do their rates under this system. John Roche, Director of Development Services for WInslow said that he was opposed to this. Waste Management should have a public hearing anytime they want to raise rates.

As an alternative, Roche passed out a plan where the city could take over solid waste collection. The city and Waste Management are going back to the table and there may be news by the next meeting of the council.

In other business:

* City Administrator Don McDaniel introduced Randy Bombardier as the new Economic Development and Community Services Director. Bombardier (pronounced Bom-bar-dee-ay) has been out meeting with groups all over town as he gets settled into his job. He comes to Winslow from Idaho and grew up in Kansas.

* The council authorized the emergency purchase of a police car, due to an accident which totaled one of the vehicles, though the officer was not injured.

* The contract for Loren Sadler, Architect, to plan the renovations at the airport which are being made under a grant was approved. Roche was congratulated by the council for obtaining the grant.

* The council approved the purchase of a lift gate for city wide clean up.

* The City will seek bids for curbs, gutters and sidewalk repair and replacement this year. They are beginning the project with the blocks around the city schools. There is a high level of need, as seen in a 1998 survey, but areas will have to be prioritized and tackled as money becomes available.

* A contract with Woodson Engineering was approved for plans for a pipeline to carry water from Clear Creek to provide irrigation for the city park and the high school, as well as the city farm area.

* Peter Cake was appointed to the Planning and Zoning Commission and thanked for his interest in civic affairs.

In the unscheduled comments, besides those concerning zoning issues, the Citizens for the Improvement of Winslow reiterated its concern, expressed by Judy Howell, for specific buildings in poor condition downtown. There was also concern about Native Americans who could be looked at as a "profiled" type and mistaken for someone who was breaking the law when they were walking or doing some outdoor work.

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