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Walk-A-Thon helps students meet walking/running goals at Washington Elementary

On Oct., 27, Washington Elementary School held its 10th annual Walk-A-Thon at the Winslow High School football field.

Veterans honored in Winslow

The Winslow Material Girls Quilting Guild met on Veterans Day, Nov. 11, at the Hubbell Building to honor three veterans and present them with quilts for their service in the military.

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Winslow Bulldogs sports teams scheduled for season

The Winslow Bulldogs and Lady Bulldogs basketball teams both have tournaments scheduled for December, and the Winslow wrestling team begins matches in December.

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NTU Skills Fest showcases academics, art and job readiness

High school students from the region and across the Navajo Nation assembled at Navajo Technical University (NTU) last month to showcase their talents in academic contests and to explore higher education opportunities.

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Bootlegging and stronger laws against drunk driving topic of discussions

Last week, the Health, Education, and Human Services Committee met to begin addressing drunk driving and illegal alcohol sales on the Navajo Nation, also known as “bootlegging.”

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Jesse Delmar wins National Native American Law Enforcement award

Executive Director of the Navajo Nation Division of Public Safety (NNDPS) Jesse Delmar was presented the National Native American Law Enforcement Association (NNALEA) award for 2017 Public Safety Director of the Year.

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Navajo committee approves funding for year-round youth employment

In June, the Navajo Nation Council approved an emergency bill that approved nearly $2.2 million for the Navajo Nation’s 110 chapters for summer youth employment.

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Pinon Chapter to add community cemetery in community-based land use plans within one year

On Nov. 8, the Resources and Development Committee (RDC) approved Legislation No. 0402-17, recertifying Pinon Chapter’s Community-Based Land Use Plan (CBLUP), which re-evaluated and adjusted the chapter’s first community plan.

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Navajo grazing committee asks Resource and Development Committee for more funding, re-issuance of grazing permits

On Nov. 15, a report focusing on the re-issuance of grazing permits on the Navajo Partitioned Lands was received by the Resources and Development Committee (RDC).

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Law and Order Committee approves contract with U.S. Department of Health and Human Services for emergency medical services

On Nov. 20, the Law and Order Committee considered legislation seeking to approve and authorize a six-year contract between the Navajo Nation and the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services for emergency medical services.

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