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Navajo Nation President Jonathan Nez promises change, unity

Jonathan Nez, the newest and youngest Navajo Nation president, promised change and hope for his people during his inauguration Jan. 15 at Fort Defiance, Arizona.

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First ladies of the Navajo Nation advocate for change

Phefelia Herbert Nez, Dottie Lizer ask for a return to faith, prayer

As Jonathan Nez stepped into office as president of the Navajo Nation Jan. 15, one of his first commitments was to honor and recognize female leaders, including his wife First Lady Phefelia Nez and Second Lady Dottie Lizer.

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U.S. Marine Corps delivers Christmas cheer, gifts and more to Havasupai Reservation

Anya Uqualla, a young Supai mother holds her 2-month-old infant in her arms as she sits on a bench in the village square watching three U.S. Marines and several volunteers make final arrangements for Santa Claus, who will be arriving by helicopter later that morning.

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Jerrel Singer shares messages behind murals

Artist Jerrel Singer is known for the vibrant colors he uses capturing sunsets and sunrises. His work is described as bright, vivid and flowing with color, as he attempts to capture movement and time.

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Native American tribes partner with Kaibab Forest to protect cultural resources on Bill Williams

Kaibab National Forest is partnering with Native American tribes to protect and restore cultural resources on Bill Williams Mountain, in northern Arizona, as it moves forward with a multi-year restoration project that will thin more than 15,00 acres of dense vegetation on the mountain.

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Hopi Tribe welcomes new leaders

Chairman/vice chairman agree to work together, move forward in transparency and communication

Two words were used repeatedly by the new chairman and vice chairman of the Hopi Tribe Dec. 1 to describe how their administration would be different from previous ones — transparency and communication.

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Gaming now an option for Hopi Tribe

Former chairman leaves office, signs landmark agreement allowing Hopi Tribe to operate or lease up to 900 Class III gaming machines

On his last day in office former Hopi Chairman Herman G. Honanie signed the Hopi Tribe-State of Arizona Tribal Gaming Compact. The agreement allows the tribe to operate or lease up to 900 Class III gaming machines.

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Fun for all at 49th Western Navajo Nation Fair and annual Tuuvi Gathering (photo gallery)

Thousands gathered in Tuba City over the weekend to enjoy food, fun, live entertainment, traditional dance and song performances and more.

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Book review: Black Sheep, White Crow and Other Windmill Tales: Stories from Navajo Country now available

Jim Kristofic delivers once again in his newest book Black Sheep, White Crow and Other Windmill Tales: Stories from Navajo Country.

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Legendary DJ delivers morning cry across Hopi Rez

Whether you’re 10 or 100, most Hopis who listen to KUYI Hopi Radio are greeted nearly every morning by the DJ Jimmy Davis Lucero’s legendary morning cry.

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