Navajo committee recertifies land use plan for Black Mesa Chapter

On Feb. 14, the Resources and Development Committee (RDC) approved legislation recertifying Black Mesa Chapter’s community-based land use plan, which was reevaluated and readjusted.

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Candlelight vigil remembers Nicole Joe and other missing and murdered Native women

About 35 people braved the sleet to gather in Heritage Square in Flagstaff Feb. 14 to call attention to Nicole Joe’s death and the fight for justice for missing and murdered indigenous women. Vaughn Seumptewa, was charged with aggravated assault after he allegedly beat Nicole and left her outside in the cold for hours. Nicole died on Christmas Day in 2017. She was 40 years old.

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LeChee Chapter pleads for increase in police presence

Law and Order Committee continues to address the need for public safety in the Western Navajo Agency

On Feb. 12, the Law and Order Committee received reports regarding the need for a police substation in LeChee, five miles south of Page, Arizona.

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Finalists hope Native American vets memorial is place of honor, healing

The charge from National Native American Veterans Memorial officials was daunting: design a memorial that honors the contributions of every tribe to every war fought for the U.S.

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Navajo Nation commemorates 150th anniversary of 1868 treaty

The Navajo Nation has officially kicked off the Year of the Treaty (Naaltsoos Sáni’), a year-long commemoration of the forced exile of the Diné People, their incarceration at Hwéeldi, the Treaty of 1868 and their triumphant return to Diné Bikéyah.

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Navajo Nation victorious in initial ruling for Gold King Mine spill

On Feb. 12, the Navajo Nation won a victory in its fight for fair compensation for the harm caused by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and its contractors from the Gold King Mine spill of August 2015. 

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Candidate filing for Navajo elections to open May 17

The Navajo Election Administration (NEA) informed the public Feb. 7 that the candidate-filing period opens May 17, 2018 and closes on May 30, 2018 for the upcoming primary and general elections on the Navajo Nation.

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Speaker Bates reaffirms support for Navajo families at 'Yes to NGS' rally

Hundreds of Kayenta Mine and Navajo Generating Station workers marched on the Arizona State Capitol Feb. 6 to announce the formation of ‘Yes to NGS,’ a coalition that advocates for solutions to ensure the continuation of NGS operations beyond 2019.

Native church’s lawsuit spurs training for airport screeners

A wooden box carried an eagle feather and bone whistle, a gourd rattle and a feather fan — items that carry spiritual energy and are used in Native American religious ceremonies.

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Diné Action Plan confronts ‘modern monsters’ on Navajo Nation

Delegates addresss violence, substance abuse and suicide at two day summit

The 2018 Public Safety Summit centered on themes of “Safety, Protection, and Resilience” this year and highlighted communication, capacity building, consistency and uniformity, and community engagement.

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Hopis, Navajos say they’ll suffer if coal-fired plant closes

PHOENIX (AP) — Hopis and Navajos who work at a coal mine near the Arizona-Utah border said Feb. 6 their family lives and earning power will suffer greatly if the power plant fed by the mine is shuttered as planned.

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Court of Appeals rules Hopi Tribe's lawsuit against snowmaking at Snowbowl can move forward

An Arizona tribe has the legal right to challenge the use of treated effluent to make snow -- even on public lands, the state Court of Appeals ruled today.

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Descheenie moves to ban 'disparaging' terms

Native lawmaker asks for law forbidding derogatory sports logos and names of Native tribes to be used on signage and displays

A Native American lawmaker wants a new state law to forbid the display of any name or logo of any sports team at any publicly funded stadium if any of the state’s 22 tribes finds it “disparaging.’’

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Doctors Without Borders recruiting, Tuba City doctor lends a hand

Doctors Without Borders will hold a recruiting session for medical and non-medical workers Feb. 13 at 6:30 p.m. at the Flagstaff Public Library, 300 W. Aspen Ave.

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Silent auction returns, supports educational programs and scholarships for Hopi students

On March 2, the Hopi Education Endowment Fund (HEEF) will reintroduce one of their more popular and successful fundraising events, the HEEF Silent Auction.

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Navajo Nation Council pays tribute to the life of former delegate Annie B. Descheny

The 23rd Navajo Nation Council sent condolences to the family of former Council member Annie B. Descheny, who passed away Jan. 25 at the age of 77.

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Human Rights Commission testifies in sentencing hearing for murders of two homeless Navajo men

Representatives from the Navajo Nation Human Rights Commission were in attendance Thursday, as Bernalillo County District Court Judge Briana H. Zamora sentenced Gilbert Tafoya to serve the maximum of 20 years in the New Mexico Department of Corrections for the brutal beating deaths of two homeless Navajo men in 2014.

Navajo Nation Council issues unanimous support for Navajo veterans bill

Prior to recessing on the second day of the Winter Council Session Jan. 23, the Navajo Nation Council unanimously approved legislation, which seeks final approval from the president to increase funding available for direct services each year for Navajo veterans. This funding is made possible through the Veterans Trust Fund.

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Tribes say ‘no thanks’ to plan for scaled-back Bears Ears monument

Leaders of five tribes accused lawmakers Tuesday of “cherry-picking” tribal members to support an 85 percent reduction in the Bears Ears monuments, and said proposed tribal management of the new monument would be in name only.

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Rhonda Tuni confirmed as district court judge by Navajo Nation Council

On Jan. 25, during the fourth day of the 2018 Winter Council Session, the 23rd Navajo Nation Council confirmed the appointment of Rhonda Tuni, to serve as a probationary district court judge for the Navajo Nation.

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Kayenta Solar Farm to provide power to more homes on Nation

An agreement was signed between the Navajo Tribal Utility Authority (NTUA) and Salt River Project (SRP) Jan. 26 to extend the capacity of the Kayenta Solar Farm to double the amount of energy it will produce and the number of homes it will power.

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Navajo Nation stands in solidarity against human trafficking

January declared Human Trafficking Awareness Month by Navajo Nation

The 2018 Winter Council session opened with all three branches of government standing in solidarity against human trafficking on the Navajo Nation with an awareness walk and signing of an proclamation.

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Navajo Nation re-allocates sales tax to fire and rescue services

The Navajo Nation Council approved legislation Jan. 25 which seeks to reallocate approximately 17 percent of the Navajo Nation Sales Tax non-retail and retail revenue to the Navajo Nation Department of Fire and Rescue Services.

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Council appoints JoAnn Jayne probationary Navajo Nation Chief Justice

On Jan. 24, the 23rd Navajo Nation Council approved the appointment of JoAnn Bitsilly Jayne as the probationary Chief Justice for the Navajo Nation Supreme Court, for a period of two years.

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Begaye calls on Congress to prioritize Indian health and allocate funding

In the face of drastic budget cuts to the Special Diabetes Programs for Indians, Navajo President Russell Begaye called on Congress and federal agencies to prioritize Indian health and allocate funding for essential programs Jan. 17.