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The following is a listing of all past results (since 2/12/2007) from our online poll question on The most popular answer for each question is highlighted in red. Be sure to cast YOUR vote on our current online poll.

Do YOU think enough is being done to combat drunk driving in New Mexico and Arizona?

8 Yes, definitely

15 Somewhat

2 Unsure/Undecided

27 Not really

99 No, definitely not

Do YOU believe that Native Americans were adequately counted in the 2000 census?

13 Yes, definitely

12 Somewhat

14 Unsure/Undecided

28 Not really

57 No, definitely not

Do YOU believe that lowering Arizona's minimum wage for teens will result in more jobs?

5 Yes, definitely

4 Somewhat

2 Unsure/Undecided

10 Not really

31 No, definitely not

"What grade would YOU give to Navajo President Joe Shirley Jr. following his term in office?

41 A

32 B

55 C

59 D

137 F

What grade would you give to President Obama following his first year in office?"

65 A

35 B

31 C

35 D

70 F

Do YOU think enough is being done to assist Hopi and Navajo Tribes with emergency weather assistance?

46 Yes, definitely

39 Somewhat

14 Unsure/Undecided

66 Not really

102 No, definitely not

Who do YOU feel has the right to appoint Hopi village representatives to the Hopi Tribal Council?

2 Hopi Tribal Council

76 Individual Hopi villages

20 Hopi village kikmongwi

47 Hopi tribal voters

2 Unsure/Undecided

Do YOU think that 2010 will be a better year overall for Indian Country than 2009 was?

50 Yes, I think it will be

26 No, I don't think so

11 Unsure/Undecided

26 It remains to be seen

Do YOU feel that the opposition to the outcome of the Dec. 15 election by the Dine' for Fairness in Government group is justified?

29 Yes, it is

11 It has some merit

3 Unsure/Undecided

15 Not really

35 No, it's not

What will be YOUR main New Year's resolution for 2010?

26 Lose weight/live healthier

7 Quit smoking/drinking

3 Spend more time with family/friends

28 Get out of debt

13 Get more organized

8 Something else

6 Unsure/Undecided

Do YOU think that Christmas has become too commercialized?"

199 Yes, definitely

14 Somewhat

3 Unsure/Undecided

5 Not really

9 No, definitely not

How badly do YOU think government reform is needed for the Navajo and Hopi tribes?"

124 Very badly

17 Somewhat

1 Unsure/Undecided

1 Not really

6 No reform is necessary

"How long do YOU think it will take for the economy to fully recover?"

0 Less than six months

11 About a year

49 About 3-5 years

22 About 7-10 years

23 Not in my lifetime

3 Unsure/Undecided

"What do YOU feel should be the new Hopi chairman's first official task?"

31 Get rid of the entire Hopi Council

7 Abolish the Hopi Constitution

68 Work to regain the peoples' trust

39 All of the above

3 Unsure/Undecided

"Do YOU believe that President Shirley's suspension was justified?"

91 Yes, definitely

144 No, definitely not

53 It remains to be seen

19 Unsure/Undecided

"Do YOU believe the Navajo Nation's proposed purchase of Arizona Snowbowl is feasible?"

67 Yes, definitely

17 Somewhat

7 Unsure/Undecided

27 Not really

52 No, definitely not

"Do YOU think revival of the Hopi Appellate Court will help resolve the current turmoil?"

8 Yes, definitely

9 I think it might help

4 Unsure/Undecided

19 Not really

40 No, definitely not

"Do YOU think Columbus Day should be a national holiday to honor Native Americans?"

68 Yes, definitely

140 No, definitely not

5 Unsure/Undecided

"What do YOU think about the Hopi Tribe's decision to banish environmental groups?"

46 What are they thinking!?

20 There will be consequences

8 Unsure/Undecided

21 They should have done it sooner

46 It's the best decision they ever made

Do YOU think Indian Country is doing enough to combat domestic violence?

2 Yes, definitely

6 Somewhat

8 Unsure/Undecided

40 Not really

71 No, definitely not

Do YOU think the upcoming Hopi election will resolve or perpetuate the current political turmoil?

5 Yes, I think it will resolve everything

26 It might resolve some things

6 Unsure/Undecided

12 It won't resolve very much

54 No, the political turmoil will continue

Do YOU think Arizona is setting a good example for Native American education?

48 Yes, I think so

37 No, I don't think so

9 Unsure/Undecided

Do YOU believe that efforts such as the National Backpack Program contribute to student success?

57 Yes, I believe it does

24 I think it provides some help

6 Unsure/Undecided

15 I don't think it helps much

21 No, I don't believe it does

How widespread do YOU think Child Sexual Abuse (CSA) is on Navajo and Hopi lands?

121 I believe it's very widespread

16 I think it's somewhat widespread

4 Unsure/Undecided

8 I don't think it's very widespread

5 I don't believe it's widespread at all

How would YOU rate President Obama's performance to date?

97 Excellent

65 He's doing okay

18 Unsure/Undecided

28 He could do a little better

123 Terrible

How do YOU think Diane Humetewa's resignation as U.S. Attorney will impact Indian Country?

55 It will have a significant impact

27 It may have some impact

12 Unsure/Undecided

9 It will have very little impact

25 It won't have any impact at all

Do YOU feel that the Navajo Nation has abused and misinterpreted the Dine' Fundamental Laws?

53 Yes, they have

12 No, they haven't

11 Unsure/Undecided

How much impact do YOU think the recently approved "green" legislation will have on the lives of Navajo people?

23 It will have a significant impact

18 It may have some impact

7 Unsure/Undecided

24 It will have very little impact

17 It won't have any impact at all

Should the ADEQ grant the air/water permits to allow uranium mining near the Grand Canyon?

3 Yes, definitely

135 No, definitely not

2 Unsure/Undecided

8 More input/research is needed

3 It's going to happen anyway

Which initiative(s) do YOU feel the Navajo voters should vote for?

23 Vote "no" on both initiatives

41 Vote only to reduce the Navajo council from 88 members to 24

5 Vote only to give the President line item veto authority

50 Vote "yes" on both initiatives

7 Unsure/Undecided

Do YOU think Flagstaff is ignoring the unique contributions of its Native American population by supporting snowmaking?

177 Yes, definitely

6 Somewhat

4 Unsure/Undecided

16 Not really

31 No, definitely not

Do YOU feel that the State of Arizona should do more to help tribes protect the San Francisco Peaks?

152 Yes, definitely

16 Arizona should at least support the tribes

4 Unsure/Undecided

4 It's out of Arizona's hands

10 No, definitely not

How do YOU feel about the Supreme Court's decision not to hear the San Francisco Peaks appeal?

13 I'm very happy with this decision

4 I guess it is a good decision

6 Unsure/Undecided

7 I don't think it was a good decision

125 I'm very disappointed with this decision

Given the current economy, what do YOU think is the current best option for recent high school graduates?

60 Go on to college somewhere

9 Get a job and start saving money

14 Enlist in the military

2 Volunteer for a worthy cause

7 Enjoy the summer and don't worry about anything

How do YOU feel about the Bennett Freeze law being repealed by President Obama?

148 I am very happy and excited

21 I guess it is a good decision

17 Unsure/Undecided

4 I am somewhat disappointed

33 I am very disappointed with this decision

Do YOU think the Navajo Nation was treated unfairly with the remand of the Desert Rock permit?

17 Yes, they were. The EPA should reverse their decision.

27 No, they weren't. The EPA made the right decision.

3 Unsure/Undecided

2 No comment

Do YOU think the swine flu outbreak will drastically affect Native American communities in Arizona?

15 Yes, I believe it will

31 Probably not as much as anticipated

51 No, I don't think it will

3 Unsure/Undecided

Do YOU agree with the Supreme Court's decision to deny the Navajo Nation $600 million in coal royalties?

46 Yes, I strongly agree with the Court's decision

11 I somewhat agree with the decision.

9 Unsure/Undecided

14 I don't exactly agree with the decision.

209 I strongly disagree with the decision.

Do YOU feel that enough is being done by tribes to promote the use of alternative energy sources?

7 Yes, enough is being done

34 Not quite enough is being done

6 Unsure/Undecided

15 Tribes should focus on other issues

116 No, a lot more needs to be done

Do YOU believe that repealing the Bennett Freeze will help heal relations between Navajos and Hopis?

50 Yes, I believe it will

106 No, I don't think it will

67 Only time will tell

8 Unsure/Undecided

Do YOU believe the Arizona State Legislature will do their part to strengthen state-tribal partnerships?

7 Yes, I strongly believe they will

18 Yes, but not as much as they should

11 Unsure/Undecided

36 No, but that's the way it's always been

24 No, I strongly believe they won't

Should the Supreme Court rule in favor of the Navajo Nation for over $600 million in coal royalties?

153 Yes, the Supreme Court should rule in favor of the Navajo Nation

23 No, the Navajo Nation had their day in court already and they lost

6 Unsure/Undecided

6 No comment

How do YOU feel about this latest winter snowstorm?

137 I love it!

10 I hate it!

0 Unsure/Undecided

35 As long as the roads are clear, I'm good!

11 I really hope these next few weeks of winter go fast!

Which team do YOU think will win the Super Bowl?

34 Arizona Cardinals

9 Pittsburgh Steelers

0 Unsure/Undecided

3 My team didn't make it this year, so it doesn't matter

Now that President Obama has taken office, how optimistic are YOU that 2009 will be a good year?

112 Very optimistic

51 Somewhat optimistic

32 Unsure/Undecided

38 Not very optimistic

49 Not optimistic at all

What shape do YOU think the Hopi Tribe will be left in following Ben Nuvamsa's resignation on Dec. 31?

87 Everything will improve

120 Nothing will change

83 Everything will fall apart

23 Unsure/Undecided

62 It doesn't matter...enroll me in another tribe

Do YOU feel that the public outcry for government reform will be considered by the Hopi Tribal Council?

22 Yes, I believe it will effect change

87 No, their concerns will fall on deaf ears

14 It's too late for reform

16 Can't we all just get along?

6 Unsure/Undecided

2 No comment

Have YOU done all of your Christmas shopping?

11 Yes, I've been done for a while

58 No, I haven't even started yet

16 I'm waiting for a great sale

36 Shopping?? In this economy??

35 Bah humbug!

Now that Barack Obama will be our next president, how optimistic are YOU that he will better serve Indian Country?

112 Very optimistic

53 Somewhat optimistic

27 Not sure/Undecided

28 Not really optimistic

72 Not optimistic at all

What do YOU feel should be done to resolve the current disputes within the Hopi Tribal government?

(Results as of 12:21 p.m. 11/11/08)

36 Leave as is...let them resolve it themselves

93 Get rid of everyone and start all over

47 Have the federal government (BIA) intervene

36 Call in an impartial conflict resolution specialist

48 Abolish the Hopi Constitution and go back to traditional ways

15 Unsure/Undecided

Have YOU gone to get a flu shot yet?

25 Yes, I already got my shot

33 It's on my "To-Do" list

8 Unsure/Undecided

5 I'm scared of needles

16 No way, I'll take my chances

Do YOU think the next U.S. President will adequately address current Native American needs and concerns?

19 Yes, I do think so

35 It's possible

17 Unsure/Undecided

40 I have my doubts

95 No, I don't think so

Who do YOU believe should be our next president?

49 John McCain

104 Barack Obama

14 Neither

10 Unsure/Undecided

2 No comment

Do YOU feel that a smoking ban should be implemented at the new Fire Rock casino?

154 Definitely yes

37 It should be considered

9 Unsure/Undecided

20 It should not be considered

86 Definitely no

How do YOU feel about the Ninth Circuit Court's ruling on Aug. 8, allowing the use of reclaimed sewage effluent to make artificial snow on the San Francisco Peaks?

23 I am thrilled about it

24 It's probably a good decision

8 Unsure/Undecided

76 It's probably a bad decision

423 I am outraged about it

Should the Navajo Nation Council impose term limits on council delegates and the Council Speaker?

197 Yes, they should

19 No, they shouldn't

71 Navajo voters should decide this

7 Just leave everything as it is

2 Unsure/Undecided

4 No comment

What do YOU think about the newly redesigned NHO Web site?

110 I love it!

11 I hate it!

23 Unsure/Undecided

2 I didn't notice

Do YOU support the possible re-opening of the Black Mesa coal mine on the Hopi Reservation?

16 Yes, I strongly support it

1 I support it somewhat

6 Unsure/Undecided

1 I am somewhat opposed to it

31 No, I am strongly opposed to it

Do YOU agree with Navajo Nation President Shirley's decison to reduce the Navajo Nation Council from 88 members to 24?

58 I strongly agree

8 I agree somewhat

6 Unsure/Undecided

6 I disagree somewhat

21 I strongly disagree

How do YOU feel about the April 10 decision to officially rename Squaw Peak to Piestewa Peak?

41 I strongly agree with the decision

13 I support the decision

2 Unsure/Undecided

6 I don't support the decision

2 I strongly disagree with the decision

How often do YOU come to Flagstaff?

4 Daily

3 Weekly

2 2-3 times a week

11 Once a month

10 Once a year

3 Where is Flagstaff?

Which of the following terms do YOU feel most comfortable being referred to as?

1 Indian

59 Native American

16 American Indian

5 Indigenous

10 Native

How do YOU feel about Rick Renzi's refusal to resign even after being indicted on corruption charges?

5 Good, he shouldn't be pushed to resign.

3 Unsure/Undecided

17 WHAT?! He should resign immediately!

Do YOU feel that the concerns of Native tribes throughout the U.S. are being adequately addressed by the current presidential candidates?

5 Definitely YES

4 Somewhat

1 Don't know/Not sure

23 Not really

49 Definitely NO

Now that most of the caucuses and primaries are over, who do YOU think has the best chance of becoming our next president?

27 Hillary Clinton (Democrat)

5 Mike Huckabee (Republican)

4 John Edwards (Democrat)

5 Mitt Romney (Republican)

23 Barack Obama (Democrat)

25 John McCain (Republican)

Do YOU think Native Americans will have a significant impact on the 2008 presidential elections?

8 Yes

18 No

0 Unsure/undecided

If the Presidential elections were held today, who would YOU vote for?

33 Hillary Clinton (Democrat)

2 Rudy Giulianai (Republican)

6 John Edwards (Democrat)

6 Mike Huckabee (Republican)

29 Barack Obama (Democrat)

15 John McCain (Republican)

9 Bill Richardson (Democrat)

6 Mitt Romney (Republican)

8 Someone else

5 Nobody

Do YOU believe that humans are knowingly impacting climate change?

92 Yes

17 No

2 Unsure/undecided

3 Don't know/don't care

Do YOU support the Ninth Circuit Court's decision to rehear the Snowbowl case?

4 I strongly support it

1 I am somewhat supportive

1 I am somewhat opposed

46 I am strongly opposed to it

1 Undecided/unsure

Do YOU think the new Nike Air Native N7 shoe truly honors the Native American Seventh generation philosophy?

6 Yes

13 No

3 Undecided

16 It's just a marketing ploy.

2 It angers/upsets me.

7 I could care less!

Do YOU agree with the Navajo Nation government's decision to support the development of the Desert Rock coal-fired power plant?

14 Yes, I support their decision.

41 No, I don't support their decision.

6 Undecided

Students and parents: Are YOU ready for the new school year to begin?

7 (Students) Yes, I can't wait to go back to school!

0 (Students) No, I don't want to go back to school yet!

10 (Parents) Yes, I am ready for my child(ren) to go back to school.

8 (Parents) No, I'm not ready for my child(ren) to go back to school.

Are the high gas prices affecting YOUR summer travel/vacation plans this year?

13 No, my plans are not affected.

9 I don't travel/vacation much.

25 Yes, it's cheaper to stay home.

What type of articles would YOU like to see more of in the Navajo Hopi Observer?

6 Environment

2 Education

3 Arts/Music

1 Politics

4 Sports

14 Local "Rez" news

0 National/World news

8 News from other tribes

How much do YOU support the Just Transition Coalition's efforts to bring renewable energy resources to the Navajo and Hopi reservations?

28 I strongly support it

5 Unsure/Undecided

0 I don't support it at all

Do YOU think Howard M. Shanker has a good chance of unseating Rick Renzi as Congressman for Arizona Congressional District 1?

17 Yes

12 No

1 Not sure

Do YOU think Ben Nuvamsa should be reinstated as Hopi Tribal Chairman?

68 Yes

25 No

5 I'm not sure

How much do YOU agree (or disagree) with the Hopi Tribal Council's decision to remove Ben Nuvamsa from the Hopi Tribal Chairman's position?

5 I strongly agree...

2 I somewhat agree...

8 I'm not sure...

2 I somewhat disagree...

17 I strongly disagree...

What do YOU think about the Hualapai Tribe's decision to build a skywalk on the west rim of the Grand Canyon?

16 I LOVE it!

5 I HATE it!

5 I'm not sure...

9 It completely ruins the scenery.

6 They really need the money.

Do YOU agree with the Court's judgment to not allow treated wastewater for making snow on the San Francisco Peaks?

435 Yes

5 No

1 I'm not sure

What is YOUR favorite portion of the Navajo Hopi Observer?

18 Front page

4 Opinion/Editorial page

1 Question of the Week

1 Classifieds

1 School news

5 Sports

Do YOU celebrate Valentine's Day?

11 Yes! I look forward to it every year!

10 No. It's a waste of money.

2 I'm not sure yet.


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