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Wednesday, June 29

Letters to the Editor 6/29

Why not turn other city offices over to the county

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Improving the standard of care for their own

Four Native American dental students set high goals

MESA -- DezBah Damon (Dine), Michael Dobson (Dine), Molly Francis (Colville), and Leland James Pond Jr. (Assiniboine/Cheyenne) have distinguished themselves as the first Native American dental students enrolled at Arizona School of Dentistry and Oral Health.

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Promoting tribal tourism

PHOENIX -- Dawn Melvin is working closely with Arizona's tribes to improve tourism on Arizona's Indian reservations.

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Weekly native art market & dances in Flag

FLAGSTAFF -- As the cool summer breeze blew Chief Harry Dakota's eagle feathers around, the Champion Northern Traditional Dancer of the Oneida and Ojibwa Tribes took a well deserved rest as he sat on a boulder near the sidewalk of Milton Road in Flagstaff during the Native American Art Market and Dances held during the weekend of June 18-19.

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Tuba City District's 2nd annual Superintendent's Awards

Roe, Nelson, Bennett & Goldtooth receive recognition

TUBA CITY -- It's called the Superintendent's Award and goes to those who merit public distinction for providing exemplary service to the students and staff members of Tuba City District.

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Arizona's 1st dental school seeks to better serve Indian Country

MESA -- The Arizona School of Dentistry and Oral Health (ASDOH) in east Mesa is the first and only dental school located in Arizona. In its inaugural year, beginning July 21, 2003, 54 students were selected from over 1,200 applicants.

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KAZ-TV airing more Native American news

PHOENIX -- Navajos, Hopis and other Arizona Native Americans can start watching more television shows about themselves.

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MNA's 72nd Hopi Festival of Arts and Culture

FLAGSTAFF -- When Donald Wadsworth creates ceremonial sashes, belts and garments, he entwines color and design with hundreds of years of Hopi weaving tradition and the hope the art will continue.

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Baje Whitethorne featured artist at 2nd annual Native American Festival of Arts and Culture

FLAGSTAFF -- During the summer of 1983, the first Native American Festival of Arts & Culture sprouted up in Flagstaff at the Coconino Center for the Arts. The festival was well celebrated into the late '90s by the local community, Native American artists, international art collectors and people throughout the country. The festival is known to have launched the careers of many successful native artists.

2005 Coconino County Horse Races July 1-4

FLAGSTAFF -- This Fourth of July weekend marks the 50th year of the Coconino County Horse Races (Exit 337 and I-17) in Flagstaff.

Quick Reads June 22, 2005

New Testament Gospel Church

Join Grandma Thomas' 12th annual Walk-a-Thon

On behalf of Central Navajo Youth Opportunities Coalition's (CNYOC) 12th annual Grandma Thomas Walk-a-Thon scheduled for Wednesday, June 29 to Saturday, July 2. I would like to invite your participation and assistance in joining our efforts to make this year's event a complete success.

Accuses Bush of war crimes

Two years ago little George Bush launched a war of aggression on the country of Iraq -- a country that posed no threat to the United States.

Social Security proposals don't address solvency

This past week, lawmakers in both the House and Senate introduced two new proposals for Social Security that AARP believes does not meet the criteria for a solvent Social Security program that is based on adequate and secure benefits.

Despair, depression, anxiety, escape or hope

Society today is rampant with despair, depression and anxiety. The pressures of survival are becoming harder and harder to bear.

Addressing Arizona's doctor shortage

Diagnosis confirmed! I'm sure that's what Arizona physicians felt when they read about the Arizona State/University of Arizona physician workforce study recently released. Finally, research provides proof that our state has a shortage of physicians--something those of us in the medical field have painfully known for some time.

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Sara Yazzie named CIT Student of the Year & Coca-Cola Scholar

According to Sara Yazzie, it all started when administrators interrupted her law class to announce they were privileged to introduce the Student of the Year for Crownpoint Institute of Technology and then called out her name.

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TC District #15's early enrollment and modified calendar

TUBA CITY -- In February, Tuba City Unified School District Governing Board adopted a new academic modified school calendar that will take effect this July 1.

Canadian cyclists pass through Hopi on way to BC

POLACCA -- Hopi Judge Delfred Leslie hopes that some world class bicyclers serve as inspiration for Hopi students.

Sierra Club and tribes act to protect the Peaks from more development

Expansion and further development using treated sewage water to make snow and cutting down more trees for ski runs will threaten Flagstaff area water quality, the Sierra Club charged in a federal district court lawsuit announced June 23.

Group teams with AOT for economic development

WINDOW ROCK -- "Western Navajo Nation Highway Tour: via Highways 89, 160 and 163" is a new illustrated brochure with a corresponding map in a handy foldout format developed and distributed by DinŽ Tourism Promotion for Economic Development (DTPED). The travel guide promotes highway routes from the Grand Canyon region to Cameron and through the Navajo Nation -- to the world famous Monument Valley Tribal Park, with information on stunning and unusual scenic locations along the way.

Construction resumes on State Route 64

CAMERON -- Paving on State Route 64 between Cameron, Ariz., and the Grand Canyon, was slated to begin on Tuesday, June 21, according to the Arizona Department of Transportation.

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Dine' Basha's brings home to Tuba City coveted year-end recognition

TC store introduces a new local check cashing policy

We see them everyday, but not just in the grocery store. These local Basha's store staff members are our neighbors, friends and relatives.

Boles, Howell face a recall election

Winslow voters could decide to recall Major Jim Boles and Council member Judy Howell as soon as November.

Bond election considered to fund fire truck, other city projects

The 2005-06 fiscal year tentative budget shows a surplus of $6,471,073 due largely to the $8.2 million the Arizona Department of Transportation is giving to Winslow under a turnback agreement. However, those funds are restricted to repairs and improvements for Route 66 and can not be used for other projects.

Fourth of July fireworks ready to blast off

The "bombs bursting in air" return to the night sky over Emil Nasser Stadium again in just five days.

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Sunset Cemetery sign returned to Homolovi

Park Rangers from Homolovi State Park were pleased to have a piece of Mormon history returned to them on Thursday. The Old Trails Museum Board of Directors handed over a metal sign that had marked the site of Sunset Cemetery for more than 50 years.

Winslow Police Log

The Winslow Police Department responded to the following incidents during the week of June 19-24. This is not a complete list of calls that officers answered. Unless otherwise noted, all charged suspects are innocent until proven guilty.

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All Star teams begin play this week

Little League 11-12-year-old boys played Monday; 11-year-old girls wait until July 18

The Winslow Little League 11-12-year-old boys' All Star Team began tournament play in Payson on Monday.

As Sam Sees It

An article in Saturday's newspaper brought a lump in my throat and tears to my eyes. It also brought word of the passing of an old and cherished friend. The loss was not mine alone. Every coach, athlete or fan of high school sports lost a friend when Barry Sollenberger died on Thursday.

Help is needed to save Winslow's holiday traditions

Annual festivals are a significant part of a city's identity. Imagine Winslow without the Standin' on the Corner Festival or Christmas Parade. What would this town be?

Another international institution that has lost its way?

As Congress scrutinizes the financing and operations of the United Nations, we have also found an unfortunate need to focus on other multilateral institutions that receive significant funding from the American taxpayer. One such organization is the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC).

Front Page History

Headlines from the archives of the Winslow Mail

12 years ago

Thursday, June 23

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Tuba City District construction on schedule

$6.5 million dollar TC High addition and new $4.5 million junior high cafeteria making progress

TUBA CITY -- Two new construction projects at Tuba City District are continuing to make progress.

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First Lady Vikki Shirley heads up Navajo Nation MADD DUI Task Force

WINDOW ROCK -- There's now another President Shirley who wants to clean up a big problem on the Navajo Nation.

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Forging a new business environment with Navajo casinos

FLAGSTAFF -- With 70 cents of every dollar going off the Navajo Reservation, Navajo officials worry about the future impact if the local Navajo economy continues on its current path towards devastation. Some Navajo Nation officials would rather address this issue, rather then to sit back and wait for the derailment to persist.

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Ten Hopi High students head to Harvard

POLACCA -- Ten Hopi High School students have left to participate in the fifth annual Harvard-Hopi summer program.

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Role of stage mom becomes a life-long study

FLAGSTAFF -- Rachel Tso has been involved in drama most of her life, so she said having her daughter, Camille, follow in that interest is no surprise.

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Community invited to opening

Flagstaff -- The Native American Festival of Arts & Culture opens with a celebration on Saturday, July 2, from 6-8 p.m. The opening reception at the Coconino Center for the Arts, 2300 N Fort Valley Road, Flagstaff, is free and open to the public.

Quick Reads for June 22, 2005

Kayenta Land Use meeting

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Letter of Intent

Samantha Harrison, a member of Monument Valley High School Class of 2005, recently signed a letter of intent to Mesa Community College for a basketball scholarship. Present for the signing were (from left) MVHS Principal Blane Baker, MVHS Athletic Director Elton Loy, Head Girls Basketball Coach Robert Nash, Samantha Harrison and her parents Norma and Andy Harrison.

Praises NN Council for overriding president's veto

I would like to congratulate the Navajo Nation Council for overriding President Joe Shirley's unwise veto of the DinŽ Marriage Act. The measure banned plural marriages as well as gay marriage.

George Bush prevaricates again -- in Pennsylvania

Yesterday (June 14) in Pennsylvania George Bush made his plea to a group of 16-year-old kids for his privatization plan for Social Security.

Cell phones and satellites

Old timers who read the funny papers will remember the fictional police chief Dick Tracy, and the wonderful two-way wrist-radio he wore all the time. He could only call in to the station with it, but it was a great item in his line of work.

Global warming economic threat

Global warming now threatens the economy of the United States. Scientists have predicted that within a few decades, half the farmland in the world will be unable to crow crops, due to either draught, floods and increased disease and insect infestations all due to global warming. Sea levels are rising, threatening to flood coastal areas.

AZ heroes say: 'Stop the FTAA!

Truth is spreading! I was ecstatic to see the news at -search arizona- that the Arizona legislature, similar to Utah's' legislature, has voted to formally request rejection at the federal level of the proposed Free Trade Area of the Americas (FTAA). This is a pact creating a regional government entangling us with 34 countries in North and South America, thus erasing our borders and constitution.

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From a precipice of genocide: The Bosque Redondo Memorial

Etched into the collective memory of every Navajo alive today is the terrible trauma of the tragedy that began at Bosque Redondo -- HwZZldi -- 141 years ago.

Wisdom of the mule whisperer: spare the spurs, smell the cholla

Sandy sets her ears and plants her mule shoes. Mountain on my right, cliff on my left -- nowhere to go but forward.

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Tackling Greyhills construction needs

School's skilled maintenance crew keeps many projects in-house

TUBA CITY -- The maintenance department personnel at Greyhills Academy High School is like a great in-house band. They can handle any job given to them, according to Director Wilson Norris.

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Mandatory defensive driving for all TC District employees

TUBA CITY -- There are not many school districts that would take the safety and maintenance of its school vehicles this seriously. Tuba City District has decided that education is not only for their students, but also for their 500 plus-staff members, when it comes to driving and being responsible behind the wheel of district-owned cars and vans.

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Tuba City Junior High Reading Renaissance

TUBA CITY -- At the beginning of April, Travis Robertson challenged his Tuba City Junior High School resource reading class to read 12 to 15 books and have a test score of 85 percent or better on each book they read before the end of the school year.

CCC's student loans expected to bring $1 million to county

FLAGSTAFF -- For the first time ever, Coconino Community College will participate in the Federal Family Education Loan Program this fall, action that is expected to bring more than $1 million to Coconino County.

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Land Use Plans for three chapters certified

Many Navajo leaders were present as Cornfields, Klagetoh and Forest Lake received certification for their community-based land use plans during special Transportation and Community Development Committee meetings on June 14.

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President Joe Shirley Jr., Canoncito Band, sign agreement for $1 million grant to build new clinic

WINDOW ROCK -- By September, medical care for the residents of To'Hajii'ee Chapter will take a huge leap.

Public Safety Committee votes 'Do Pass' on Title 17 amendments

WINDOW ROCK -- The Public Safety Committee of the Navajo Nation Council voted 4 in favor and 3 opposed on legislation sponsored by committee Chairperson Hope MacDonald LoneTree to amend provisions of Title 17 of the Navajo Nation Code at a regular committee meeting on June 13.

Cultural Tourism Training Workshop

Indian tourism as a business development opportunity

SANTA FE, N.M. -- IAIA's new University Center for Economic Development is launching a business development workshop that integrates cultural tourism with urban business development strategies. This workshop underscores tourism as an effective business and revenue development model in many Indian communities across the country.

Deadline extended for plaque design for Council Chambers as historic landmark

The deadline to receive submissions for designs of the plaque designating the Navajo Nation Council Chamber a National Historic Landmark has been extended to no later than 5 p.m. on July 8, 2005.

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Music Review: Razor Saltboy makes 'One Last Ride'

FLAGSTAFF -- Razor Saltboy's "One Last Ride" is a spirited romp across the vast Navajo Reservation. This CD is all about love, life alone and far-flung travels. Listening to Razor's songs calls to mind historical accounts of Navajo people riding across Dinetah on horseback, singing as they traveled along.

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New leadership for Tuba City/Moenkopi Youth Organization

TUBA CITY -- Vision and advocacy for Tuba City and Moenkopi youth was the main theme shared on the evening of June 1 as the newly appointed Board of Directors took the helm of the Itaatunatya Youth Organization (IYO), also known as the Tuba City/Moenkopi Youth Organization.

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TC mini-mall nearing completion

TUBA CITY -- This Western Agency town has taken on the constant construction demeanor of metro Phoenix in the past few months, with several major construction jobs going on for both Tuba City District and Tuba City proper.

Azee Bee Nahagha of Dine Nation 39th annual convention

CHINLE -- The 39tH annual Azee Bee Nahagha of Dine Nation will be held June 24-26 at the church headquarters in Chinle. The theme of the conference is Kodo'o' Hozho'o' Azee' Hinaah Bee Na'a'ne' Kahdoo (In Harmony We Journey Forth).

Wednesday, June 22

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Judge Herron retires after 10 years on the city court bench

For the past 10 years, Marjorie Herron has settled disputes and levied fines as the Magistrate in Winslow's city courtroom.

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Stray dogs roam free in county since Humane Society closed

Navajo County plans to start an animal control division in health district

Living next to a former city and railroad company dumpsite, county resident Barbara Lucero has found discarded dining car dishes, medical bottles and other bits of Winslow's history.

Former interim Administrator rehired for same position

Jim Ferguson is Winslow's pinch-hitting City Administrator. He was hired on June 14 on an interim basis for the second time. He also served as the interim City Administrator from Nov. 2000 through April 2001.

Council votes to close city court

Winlsow Justice of the Peace to handle traffic and ordinance issues

When City Magistrate Marjorie Herron retires next week, her position will be retired as well.

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The ride of his life, again

A 65-year-old man rides across the country for the second time in 5 years

Bicyclist Ernie Neupert proves you are never too old to live your childhood dreams. At 60 years-old, he finally embarked on a trip he planned to take when he was in high school.

In a Minute June 14

More news from the City Council Meeting

The City Council met for a regular meeting on June 14. Among the issues discussed were amendments to ordinances, changes to proposed breeding ordinance, approved the tentative 2005-06 budget and the sale of city property to a retail developer.

Fire Truck Tug returns in August

Last year, the first Fire Truck Tug raised about $4,000 for Arizona Special Olympics. Statewide, Arizona fire and police officers raised about $250,000 and were able to send 10 children to Athens for the Olympic Games.

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First Baptist Church hires Winslow native as new pastor

After a year of searching for God's man as pastor of the First Baptist Church of Winslow, the church family met Sunday evening, June 5, and united in calling Mr. Fred Harris as full-time pastor.

Bulldogs impress at gridiron summer camp in Albuquerque

Winslow High School football coach Matt Gracey took 32 players to the University of New Mexico Summer Football Camp at Albuquerque on June 10-13. Winslow was one of 28 schools represented in the 32 team camp. Four teams were created from individual players who came without school affiliations.

Winslow boys unbeaten in tourneys

Winslow High School basketball coach Charles Gover has to be encouraged by the play of his prospective team in summer basketball activity. The Bulldogs had gone undefeated in tournaments at Page and Chinle before winning three and losing one at home on Friday and Saturday.

Lady Bulldogs enjoying success in summer games

Success on the basketball court is no stranger to Winslow High School girls' basketball coach Don Petranovich. Whether it is a summer program or the regular high school season, "Petro" knows how to win basketball games. His six state titles and routine state tournament appearances attest to that fact as do the successes of his teams at summer tournaments.

Basketball officials camp held in Winslow

A basketball officials' camp was held at Winslow High School on Friday in conjunction with a tournament for summer basketball programs on Friday and Saturday. Officials who participated in the camp also officiated games during the tournament which featured both boys' and girls' teams.

Manygoats competes at College National Finals Rodeo in Wyoming

Janelle Manygoats of Winslow competed in the Breakaway Roping event at the 2005 College National Finals Rodeo (CNFR) in Casper, Wyoming last week. This is the fourth trip for Manygoats, a senior at New Mexico State University. She finished 14th in breakaway roping.

As Sam Sees It

The Arizona State University Sun Devils may well have lost their first "Super Regional" game to Cal State-Fullerton without the controversial balk call that ended the contest. After all, the bases would have been full of Titans with no outs and the home team needing only to plate one run to win. Those facts only make the balk call that much more questionable.

June 19-25, 2005

Mary Magdalene Brissee

House attacks on public broadcasting networks unnecessary

Politics are a curse on journalistic and educational media. Unilateral agendas inflict the worst kind of evil on institutions that seek to do nothing more than prevent the spread of ignorance and sheer stupidity.

Guantanamo Bay and the war on terror

It's important what the rest of the world thinks of the United States. But it's more important that we defend ourselves against terrorists who seek our annihilation. Much of the criticism of our efforts, both international and domestic, is factually wrong and appears to be driven by a partisan hostility to President Bush.

Saturday, June 18

Spinning a new Web

Spider-Man should be jealous of the Winslow Mail and Reminder's new Web. Well, Web site that is. The address is the same ( but everything else is different. It's better.

Friday, June 17

Tuba City woman working on third gospel music release

Now that she has her master's degree under her belt, Tuba City's Mary Sampson, hopes to release her third CD this year. After singing gospel music 30-plus years, she cut her first CD, "Gospel Melodies from Navajo Land," in 2003. The second, "Gospel Melodies from Navajo Land Vol. 2" followed in 2004.

American Indian dental students sign historic charter in Mesa

MESA--A historic dental student ceremony took place at the nation's newest dental school on May 10 as five American Indian dental students signed an official charter for an on campus chapter of a national society.

Facts about blood pressure

High Blood Pressure (hypertension): What is it and why is it so dangerous?

Nearly 50 million people in the United States have high blood pressure (hypertension). High blood pressure can lead to stroke, heart attack, kidney failure and blindness. To find out more about blood pressure and why it is so important to have it at a normal level, read on.

Tuba City Regional Health Care Corp. hosts community blood drive

Tuba City Regional Health Care Corp. (TCRHCC), in collaboration with United Blood Services, is working to address a critically low blood supply in Arizona.

Mormon Lake Summer Solstice Run June 18

Calling all runners, outdoor enthusiasts and families! The Mormon Lake Summer Solstice Run for the Red Cross is June 18 through the cool pines of northern Arizona. Participants can choose to participate in the a half marathon (13.1 miles) or the 6K (3.7 miles) fun run/walk around scenic Mormon Lake. Entry fees are $25.00 for the half marathon and $20.00 for the fun run/walk.

Weekly diabetes classes offered in Tuba City

Diabetes classes are held 2:30-4 p.m. every Tuesday in the Solarium (located at the end of the Adult Care Unit) at Tuba City Regional Health Care Center. Learn how to control blood sugar and other facts about diabetes. A session in Navajo is held the last Tuesday of every month. Call the TCRHCC Diabetes Program at 283-2895 for further information.

Thursday, June 16

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Food, fun and friendship

FALA students fire up Hopi bread oven to be ready for the 72nd Annual Hopi Festival of Arts & Culture at MNA July 2 and 3 in Flagstaff

FLAGSTAFF -- The Museum of Northern Arizona, in conjunction with the Flagstaff Arts and Leadership Academy (FALA) students and staff, constructed an outdoor Hopi bread oven June 9 at the museum.

Regional Forester denies Snowbowl appeals

Hopi & Navajo leaders voice disappointment that snowmaking on the Peaks gets Forest Service nod

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. -- On June 9, the Southwestern Regional Forester Harv Forsgren announced he affirmed the decision for the Snowbowl Facilities Improvement Project on the Coconino National Forest (NF) by Forest Supervisor Nora Rasure. This project authorizes ski area improvements, including snowmaking using reclaimed water. The proposed project is consistent with the Coconino NF Plan as amended with the exception of cutting eleven trees in the Mexican spotted owl protected activity center.

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Hopi High's Top 10 have high aspirations

POLACCA -- The top 10 graduates at Hopi High School were outstanding academians with varying interests.There were 115 graduates in the class.

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TC High's 2005 Top 10 Seniors list achievements

It's what every parent wishes for their child at high school graduation.

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TC District honors staff for dedicated service to students

Ashley, Piestewa, Blatchford, Williams, Piestewa and Yellowhorse retire; Jenkins, Piestewa and Blackhair honored for 35 years of service

TUBA CITY -- Dedicated to the education, character building, advancement and support of students.

Quick Reads June 15,2005

Benefit Social Song & Dance

Heading back to Haskell U

This summer, I am honored to be selected for the second time to play in the fourth annual Native American All-American football game in Lawrence, Kan., at Haskell University on the West Team.

Continue to walk in beauty

Just a short letter regarding the May 11, 2005, Navajo Hopi Observer front page. The Observer had Radmilla Cody on the front page holding a microphone. I was delighted to see that she is out and doing well. I would like to say to Radmilla, "We are glad that you are back to singing and doing well, welcome home." My family and I love you and love your singing.

Protect Doko'oosliid

This letter is in regards to the breaking news on the Snowbowl Ski Area Improvements.

Brewer's attack dog role only hurts voters

In a recent opinion piece "Blocking Voters Will is Wrong," Secretary of State Jan Brewer once again takes up the role of Republican attack dog and ignores the responsibilities of the public office she holds.

Sends strong message Arizona's leaders

Governor Janet Napolitano this is my only gripe with you. Why should we the people pay for English language instruction and Spanish printed on forms for citizens. I have been to Mexico and to many other countries and you know that I had to be responsible to learn there language on my own dime. Their governments do not waste either their time or money even talking about it (of coarse, tourists are different) so why do we?

Aiding others affects our whole society

I am a citizen of Yavapai County who works with two organizations that work directly with foster children. I look into the faces of children who need our help. We all have to fight to get the services these children need to grow and become happy, healthy, contributing members of the community. Gov. Napolitano fought for these children and changed were made that were long coming and much appreciated.

New Mexico urgently needs a Nutrition Council

Thank you for your coverage over the past few months of the Nutrition Council Bill, of which I was the sponsor in Senate in the 2005 legislature. With several Senate nutrition-related bills, we worked toward the goal of benefiting the health of all New Mexicans. These bills reflected that corrective and preventive efforts are truly needed and are of great concern to many members of the Legislature. Both legislative Houses' Leadership wants to implement effective, affordable and workable solutions.

Some children left behind?

This spring, the National Education Association (NEA), along with several of its state affiliates and nine school districts, filed an unprecedented lawsuit over the No Child Left Behind Act. Known as NCLB, the law is President Bush's signature education initiative, and seeks among other goals to improve accountability for the use of federal education funds.

Snowbowl appeal decision: destruction of native cultures and environment

Forest Service ignores health & environmental consequences of snowmaking

FLAGSTAFF -- Save the Peaks Coalition, Sierra Club, Flagstaff Activist Network, Center for Biological Diversity, the Navajo Nation, and ECHOES condemned the Forest Service rejection of their Snowbowl ski resort expansion appeal. Snowbowl wants to expand the ski resort with new and modified runs and use reclaimed wastewater to augment natural snow pack.

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Commemorating the most painful period of Dine' history

Bosque Redondo Memorial dedicated June 4

BOSQUE REDONDO, N.M. -- The memory of the most painful period in Navajo history drew hundreds of Navajos here June 4, including Navajo Nation President Joe Shirley Jr. and First Lady Vikki Shirley.

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Eight Navajo Nation Bar Association members sworn in

Special guest is Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals Judge Dorothy W. Nelson

WINDOW ROCK -- Before proud and beaming friends and family members who packed the Navajo Nation Supreme Court on Friday, Supreme Court Associate Justice Lorene B. Ferguson administered the oath to allow eight new members of the Navajo Nation Bar Association to practice law in the Navajo courts.

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Navajo Area Indian Health Service Awards Ceremony held in Flagstaff

FLAGSTAFF -- The 15th annual Navajo Area Indian Health Service Awards Ceremony was held at Little America Hotel in Flagstaff, Arizona on June 3.

Alternate Capital Improvement Projects Plan gains 1st committee's endorsement

WINDOW ROCK -- On June 7, the Transportation and Community Development Committee of the Navajo Nation Council unanimously voted "Do Pass" on legislation that would appropriate $300,000 for capital improvement projects at each of the 110 Chapters.

Navajo Nation Leaders, IHS, BIA proclaim 2005 as the Year of the Navajo Veteran

WINDOW ROCK -- In recognition of the sacrifices made by Navajo vets, the Navajo Nation, on June 10, proclaimed 2005 as the Year of the Navajo Veteran.

FBC Block Party date moved to next week

If you have a good thing going, then why wait to enjoy it? Although it's been just nine months since the last First Baptist Church Community Block Party, it's time to celebrate again.

Navajo code talker receives Purple Heart 60 years late

Memorial Day ceremony brings special meaning to Draper family

WINDOW ROCK ‹ After being injured on Iwo Jima while transmitting secret code in the Navajo language, 83-year-old Corporal Teddy Draper Sr., full of smiles and good cheer, received the Purple Heart on May 29 that had eluded him for six decades.

Clarke's Cleaners joins Chamber of Commerce

Afton, Emmett and Lisa Foster (center) cut the ribbon officially announcing that the new owners of Clarke's Cleaners joined the Winslow Chamber of Commerce on June 6. The Foster family took over the long-time business in December and continue to offer basic laundry and dry cleaning services. "We're friendlier than most dry cleaners and will accommodate our customers the best we can," Afton said. Clarke's Cleaners is open Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Navajo Times names Bulldogs athletes and coaches best in Four Corners area

Vargas, Garnett, Payne, and coaches Bordner and Griffith honored

The Navajo Times continued its practice of honoring athletes from the Four Corners region high schools in Arizona, Utah and New Mexico for their accomplishments. Athletes from 38 high schools covered by The Navajo Times are eligible to receive honors. Winslow High School has traditionally fared well in the earning of such honors.

As Sam Sees It

Remembering the Best

The second best sporting event in America just recently ended. That would be the NCAA Women's Softball Tournament held at Oklahoma City. The top such event is the NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament.

Sullivan having solid Major League rookie season

Cory Sullivan, son of former Winslow residents and Winslow High School graduates Sean and Trudi Sullivan, is putting together a solid rookie season with the Colorado Rockies in his first year of Major League Baseball. Cory is the grandson on former Winslow teacher Helen Sullivan Campbell and the late Neal Sullivan.

Front Page History

A look at the top stories from the archives of the Winslow Mail

Wednesday, June 15

Tribal leaders vow to fight Snowbowl decision

Leaders of the Hopi and Navajo Tribes expressed frustration but were not shocked by the U.S. Forest Service regional office affirming an earlier decision to expand the Arizona Snowbowl and allow artificial snowmaking.

Navajo Times names Bulldogs athletes and coaches best in Four Corners area

Vargas, Garnett, Payne, and coaches Bordner and Griffith honored

The Navajo Times continued its practice of honoring athletes from the Four Corners region high schools in Arizona, Utah and New Mexico for their accomplishments. Athletes from 38 high schools covered by The Navajo Times are eligible to receive honors. Winslow High School has traditionally fared well in the earning of such honors.

Thursday, June 9

Charitable work begins early at Tuba City Jr. High School

Students raise $1,400 for local No Kill Shelter

TUBA CITY — For several years in a row, Tuba City Junior High has had a program called Character Counts.

Tuba City District holds 2nd annual Navajo Spelling Bee

TUBA CITY — The Navajo Language and Culture Enrichment Program at Tuba City Unified School District #15 sponsored the second annual Navajo Spelling Bee on May 3-4 in the TCUSD Governing Board room.

Greyhills senior scholarships grow

TUBA CITY — Three more seniors from Greyhills Academy High School have received recognition for their academic achievements by receiving scholarships from the Arizona State University.

Putting a motivational spin on the ball

Sandy Slade brings her ball handling skills to Greyhills

TUBA CITY — Sandy Slade, 41, is a professional ball handler and spends her time “conquering limitations by creating confidence” as she travels around the spinning world displaying her talents and skills before audiences at NBA basketballs arenas, high schools, clinics and conferences.

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Hopi High grads pack 3,000 into Bruin Stadium

Vernon Masayesva, Black Mesa Trust executive director, delivers keyote address

POLACCA -- Vernon Masayesva, former Hopi chairman, called on today's graduates to solve the problems of the world.

NACA's 22nd Sacred Prayer Run

FLAGSTAFF -- Close to 300 competitors gathered at Flagstaff's Thorpe Park on June 4 for the 22nd running of Native Americans for Community Action's (NACA) 5K, 10K Sacred Prayer Run.

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ASU Advantage program can give full-ride to low income students

TUBA CITY -- High school graduates from low-income families can attend Arizona State University on a new financial aid program upon enrolling with all costs directly related to obtaining an undergraduate degree covered.

Reward offered

ST. GEORGE, UTAH -- The Bureau of Land Management is offering a $500 reward for information that leads to a conviction in a recent vandalism case of a popular rock art site near St. George.

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Fourth annual Flag Folk Festival

The fourth annual Flagstaff Folk Festival will take place on Saturday and Sunday, June 11 and 12 from 9:30 a.m.-5 p.m. at the Coconino Center for the Arts, 2300 N. Fort Valley Road.

Quick Reads for June 8, 2005

Free special ed training in Flag

AARP applauds Gov's veto on Voter Registration Bill

AARP Arizona applauds Governor Janet Napolitano for her veto of Senate Bill (SB) 1186, a measure that would have denied a provisional ballot to voters who could not produce valid photo identification at the ballot box.

Appeals to Sen. McCain for help with TC school

(EDITOR'S NOTE: Louise Yellowman, Coconino County Supervisor for District 5, Sent the following letter dated June 1 to United States Senator John McCain and asked that it be printed in this week's edition of the Navajo Hopi Observer.)

High praise for Gov. & Democratic lawmakers

This year, Governor Janet Napolitano and Democratic legislators, have accomplished many things like:

Clean Elections' first 100 days

The Citizens Clean Elections Commission welcomed Marcia Busching as the new chair on Jan. 1. As 100 days have passed under Chair Busching's leadership, the commission would like to highlight her accomplishments.

'On the road again' in Coconino County's D-5

Ya'at'eeh! (Hello)

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Navajo Code Talker Teddy Draper Sr. receives long-awaited Purple Heart

Memorial Day ceremony brings special meaning to family

WINDOW ROCK -- After being injured on Iwo Jima while transmitting secret code in the Navajo language, 83-year-old Corporal Teddy Draper Sr., full of smiles and good cheer, received the Purple Heart on May 29 that had eluded him for six decades.

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Navajo Police Dept.'s 1st woman captain

Ronni Wauneka served as lieutenant for 11 years, always dreamt of this day

WINDOW ROCK -- With her parents, husband and three children looking on, a former waitress and dispatcher, was sworn in May 27 as the Navajo Police Department's first woman captain.

Navajo Nation Council overrides two vetoes during June 3 Special Session

WINDOW ROCK -- The Navajo Nation Council passed two veto overrides during the special session held on June 3.

TCRHCC Bone Marrow Donor Drive 8 a.m.-6 p.m. Monday, June 13

TUBA CITY, AZ. -- Be part of the National Bone Marrow Donor program to help save the lives of other Native Americans.

Wednesday, June 8

Judicial appointments and 'Extraordinary Circumstances'

By Sen. Jon Kyl

Front Page History

A look at the top stories from the archives of the Winslow Mail

May 29-June 4, 2005

Ignacio Ochoa Rodriguez

Little League's littlest finish season

The littlest Winslow Little Leaguers ended their seasons on Tuesday when the teeball teams played their last games. The youngest boys and girls (five and six year olds) involved in the Little League program began play on April 18.

Former major leaguer to conduct baseball clinics

Former Major League pitcher Jack Aker will conduct three free baseball clinics for Winslow Little Leaguers on Sunday, June 12. The clinics are set for 9-11 a.m. for minor boys (ages 7-9), 11:30 a.m. -- 1:30 p.m. for major boys (ages 10-12) and an all skills clinic for senior boys (ages 13-15) from 1:30 p.m. until completed. The clinics will be held at the Winslow Little League Field.

Lady Bulldogs' summer camps underway

Winslow High School girls' basketball coach Don Petranovich said that his team's summer activity began on May 27 with a 12-team tournament at Ganado.

Bulldogs football schedule released

The Winslow High School Bulldogs football team will play five home and five away games during the 2005 regular season. Six of Winslow's regular season games are 3A North Region contests, while four are non-conference affairs with teams from the powerful 3A East Region.

As Sam Sees It

Not long ago, U.S. Senator John McCain was talking on the radio about a conversation he had had with Baseball Hall of Fame member Ted Williams. Williams, like many athletes from his era, had served his country in its time of need. In his case, that service was as a marine aviator. McCain, of course, was a navy pilot, which is probably the bond that had the two talking in the first place.

Recall petition turned in for Councilmember Howell

Councilmember Judy Howell remembers how many people voted her into office last May -- 486. She's hoping they don't forget her should she be recalled.

Making new 'Trails'

Changes happening at Winslow's Old Trails Museum including a new director

Big changes are underway for Winslow's Old Trails Museum.

Bob Hall takes over as Chamber Director

Bob Hall has been giving people makeovers for 30 years. Now the new Chamber of Commerce Director leaves behind hair styling to remake Winslow's business community.

City says goodbye to Roche as he says goodbye to public life

It was supposed to be a party, but friends and colleagues of City Administrator John Roche celebrated with heavy hearts.

Police arrest 3 for paintball attacks

In the late afternoon on May 29, the Winslow Police Department Communications Center received a call from a male individual who reported being shot with a paintball gun.-- Officers were dispatched to the 500 block of W. Third Street to investigate.--

Police Log

The Winslow Police Department responded to the following incidents during the week of May 28-June 3. This is not a complete list of calls that officers answered. Unless otherwise noted, all charged suspects are innocent until proven guilty.

Navajo County Sheriff's Report

The following people were booked into the Navajo County Jail recently. These persons are accused of committing criminal activity, but such accusations should raise no inference of guilt.

Thursday, June 2

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June 2004

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Older Obits

Past Obits

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TC High Warriors graduate 134

TUBA CITY -- At the top of the heap this year for Tuba City High School are 10 students who represent the best of the best. All have been accepted to colleges or universities, with the top two heading for University of Arizona.

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Pinon Eagles soar at graduation

PINON -- On May 21, Pinon High School 2005 graduates took their first steps into the world with their completion of graduation commencement.

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TC Jr. High's record 194 grads

New TC Warriors head to ninth grade

TUBA CITY -- A record number of eighth-grade graduates graduated from Tuba City Junior High School on May 24.

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Hopi Jr. High grads attract 1,000-plus

POLACCA -- Pearlyn Tomosie gave the four points to success as she presented the keynote speech at the Hopi Junior High School promotion May 25 at Bruin Stadium.

Remembering VietNam heroes

Each year on Memorial Day, we paused to remember and pay tribute to those true Americans who gave their lives on foreign soil in different wars defending the U.S.A. so we at home can continue to be a free society with all the blessings.

On involuntary recruitment

I am writing to voice my concern about military recruiting in our public schools.

Community Healing Garden Planting Day in Tuba City

The second annual Planting Day celebration for the Community Healing Garden located on the east side of the Tuba City Regional Healthcare Corporation is planned for Thursday June 2.

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In Memory of Merrill Yaiva

Merrill Yaiva was born April 28, 1951, son of the late Joel and Lillian Yaiva of Hotevilla Village.

Southwest Indian Foundation helps Navajo family secure a new home

ST. MICHAELS -- The long and tedious process to becoming a homeowner is finally over for Leona Lee and her family. The 32-year-old Navajo woman became a new homeowner on May 13, thanks to Navajo Housing Authority and the Southwest Indian Foundation.

Hopi bio-diesel fuel project

KYKOTSMOVI -- On May 26, Hopi Tribal Chairman Wayne Taylor Jr. and Headwaters Corp. executives met with U.S. Energy Department officials in Washington, D.C. to discuss possible funding for a bio-diesel production facility on the Hopi Reservation.

Designs sought for Council Chamber 'National Historic Landmark' plaque

WINDOW ROCK -- The Navajo Nation Council Office of the Speaker is seeking designs from Navajo artisans for a plaque to be placed in or around the Council Chamber signifying the designation of the Council Chamber as a National Historic Landmark.

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Goodbye, WHS...... Hello, World

For some it was a solemn occasion — a formal recognition of the passing from childhood to adulthood. For others it was a reason to party.

Eighth graders make move to high school

With hugs and tears of joy and sorrow, 163 eighth graders of Winslow Junior High bid farewell to their home for the past two years to make the long journey… around the corner.

Former teacher still named among Who's Who

Bob Howell of Winslow has been nominated once again to be honored in Who's Who Among America's Teachers. Howell has also received this honor in 1998, 2000, 2003 and 2004. Bob retired from teaching English in 1992.

Remembering wars great and dumb

In times of war, it is often asked, "how much is one life worth?" The answer depends on the cause of the war.

Letters to the Editor 6/1/2005

Governor shouldn't block will of voters

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Lady Bulldogs centerfielder signs with Southern Virginia University

Winslow High School senior Tessa Ramsey signed a letter of intent to play softball at Southern Virginia University at Buena Vista, Virginia, on Wednesday. Ramsey has been the centerfielder and a key member of the Winslow Lady Bulldogs softball team throughout her high school career. She was recently named to the Arizona State 3A Conference All Tournament Team.

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Winslow claims 4 Players of the Year in the 3A North Region for spring sports

The Winslow Bulldogs nearly ran the table in the 3A North Region for spring sports championships and awards.