Accuses TV station of bias

I am writing to you today as a concerned local television viewer and an advocate for media democracy. The decision by your station’s owner, Sinclair Broadcast Group, to air a biased 90-minute attack on presidential candidate Sen. John Kerry is outrageous.

The owner of Sinclair is a well-known conservative and supporter of the Bush administration. Sinclair is obviously attempting to influence an extremely close presidential election with this program. The public airwaves must not be misused in this way. Broadcast television stations must remain unbiased in order to ensure a healthy democracy.

Please inform your station’s owner that you do not wish to participate in this highly partisan programming coup.

I will be watching to see what your station chooses to do as the Nov. 2 election approaches.

Stacey Frey

Flagstaff, Ariz

Lists basis for election ballot

My many reasons not to vote for President Bush include:

1. a record of deceptions and lies.

2. an unduly clandestine administration.

3. never admitting to a mistake.

4. individual loss of privacy under the Patriot Act.

5. control over media.

6. using the fear factor for political gains.

7. permanent tax cuts for the rich.

8. a $300 billion surplus turned into a $500 billion deficit and counting in just three years.

9. failure to adequately pursue Al Qaeda and the Taliban in Afghanistan.

10. initiating an unjustified war in Iraq.

11. needlessly killing our military personnel and innocent foreign civilians.

12. insufficient funding for states to provide an adequate infrastructure.

13. disregard for our elderly on fixed incomes and the education of our young.

14. reversal of many environmental gains made under previous administrations.

15. breaking international treaties.

16. loss of respect and support from our allies.

17. adding financial hardships (including record bankruptcies) upon the poor and middle class, putting an impossible burden on them, the young and future generations.

My reason to vote for Senator Kerry:

A moral obligation to help reverse this irresponsibility that is adversely affecting all of us and generations to come.

Robert L. Lang

Cave Creek, Ariz

Kerry best man for President

What is wrong with President Bush?

He showed that he is out of touch with reality on Iraq.

He offered no plan for jobs and no plan for cutting the cost of health care.

He pretended that our problems don’t exist.

Again, he refused to level with the American people.

George Bush just doesn’t get it, so he can’t fix it.

John Kerry held George Bush accountable for the failures of the last four years. He demonstrated the strength and character we need in a president. He made it clear he could lead as commander in chief.

John Kerry offered real solutions to real problems. He told America the truth, and offered a plan for a fresh start on the economy, Iraq, and the war on terror. Simply put, he was presidential. Ironically, the president was not.

Skip Wilson

Buckeye, Ariz.

Compare today with 4 years ago

I’ve been concerned these last four years. I believed that Republicans supported a smaller government and fiscal responsibility.

America has gone from a budget surplus to a budget deficit. Over a million jobs have been lost forever, and the government keeps growing. Homeland Security keeps changing colored alert levels, but protecting against the last type of attack instead of the next one.

John Edwards convinced me that it’s time for a change. I will vote for John Kerry and John Edwards on Nov. 2.

Suzanne Davis

Phoenix, Ariz.

Sees Bush as the moral choice

This is the first state that I lived in that is so Democratic, so liberal. I am so glad that I am not raising children in this state. Kerry is the liberal of the liberals, and his wife is right there with him.

Don’t we want a man that has some moral and a strong belief in God. Bush has lead us through one of the worst times in our lives, with 9/11. He is getting us out or the hole that Clinton got us into.

If only people would read and stay abreast of what is really happening and not just rely on

what the TV, radio and newspaper tell us. Follow what these men stand for and how they live. Kerry doesn’t have the slightest idea how us poor people live, how we struggle from day to day to just put food on the table and a roof over our head.

People of Arizona, please pray before you vote. Let God lead you in you decision.

Nancy Crain

Mission school teacher

Winslow, Ariz.

Concerns about President Bush

In the three presidential debates, John Kerry showed that he has the strength and conviction to lead this nation. All major polls show that most Americans think he triumphed over George Bush in these debates by clearly defending his own record while making this election a referendum on Bush. He made clear that the president simply has not done his job well enough to get re-elected.

George Bush is the only president since Herbert Hoover to lose net jobs during the course of his presidency. He has racked up the largest deficit of all time. This is a debt that our children will have to pay and for what?

The president still cannot explain why we are in Iraq. The final intelligence report on Iraq was released this month by Bush-appointed top analyst Charles Dulfer. Even Bush said this would be the last word on Iraq. Well, the last word is that Saddam Hussein had nothing to do with the war on terror. There was never any connection between Iraq and 9/11. Saddam’s ability to produce arms was dwindling, not mounting.

With all of these new revelations, why are so many Americans still supporting George Bush in this election? The answer is that many still believe that Bush would keep them safer in the dangerous post-9/11 world we now inhabit.

How has Bush made this country safer? He has diverted our entire military to a nation-building mission in Iraq when the real war on terror is being waged all over the world. The real war on terror is not being waged by one dictator or one country.

Iraq was not a haven for terrorists before the United States invasion. Now, even according to the prime minister of Iraq, terrorists are flooding the borders. The number of Islamic radicals is increasing all over the world at a time when America is hated more than ever.

Mark Waltermire

Albuquerque, N.M.


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