Applauds Renzi for veterans support

I want to publicly thank Representative Rick Renzi’s for his heroic efforts on behalf of veterans’ issues.

Most freshmen lawmakers come to Washington and sit quietly making sure that they don’t make waves. Rarely will you find a freshman, like Rep. Renzi, with the courage and commitment to stand up for his constituents, even if the opposition is his own party leadership.

His strong, vocal representation of America’s veterans and their families has made the difference on Capitol Hill. When the House Budget Committee introduced the fiscal year 2004 budget resolution, he was among a handful of champions that insisted Veterans Administration medical care be fully funded. He pledged to defeat the budget resolution if the House Leadership did not agree to add $1.8 billion to the President’s budget request. His role lead to Congress adopting $27.1 billion for VA medical care funding.

Unfortunately, when his colleagues produced the VA-HUD appropriations bill, they failed to add the $1.8 billion—breaking the promise to veterans made just months earlier. Once again, Representative Renzi found himself in opposition to his party’s leadership and voted against the measure due to inadequate VA funding.

As a veterans’ advocate, I want to take an opportunity on this Veterans Day to applaud a lawmaker that has put commitment above party politics. I want to salute a true fighter for America’s veterans and their families.

He is the kind of lawmaker the Founding Fathers had in mind when they wrote the Constitution.

Steve Robertson

Falmouth, Va.

Dishonors slain military personnel

I recently heard about the Dover media ban forbidding the media from covering stories about the returning of the caskets of the soldiers killed in Iraq.

This media ban has nothing to do with national security, but denies the freedom of the press for no reason other than to make less of the deaths in Iraq for political purposes by G.W. Bush. The theory is, if the public doesn’t see it, it won’t be an issue.

This is a travesty. It dishonors those who gave their lives for this (our) country. Bush has not attended one single funeral for any one of these valiant soldiers. I am appalled.

Nan Munoz

Flagstaff, Ariz.

Business offers free flag decals

We are giving away 2x3 inch American Flag Decals to anyone who sends us a self-addressed & stamped envelope.

Members of the military need not affix postage stamp. We will pay their postage.

Junction City, Kansas is the home of Fort Riley and the 24th Infantry Division (mechanized). Eighty-two percent of our soldiers are currently deployed in Iraq and will not be able to come home for the upcoming holidays.

As of this date, Junction City has lost 11 of our soldiers in Iraq.

Regardless of one’s political views, we are asking you to support our troops by making this offer known in your area. This offer is valid as long as our troops are in harm’s way.

Philip G. Spotts, Owner

Phil’s Leather Goods

Junction City, Kan.

Bullying others should be stopped

Not too long ago a boy named Casey Woodruff was always being picked on and getting beaten up.

One year ago on the bus, boys at the school ganged up Casey. The bus driver watched and didn’t even bother to break it up.

His parents Roger and Ciet Woodruff recently filed a lawsuit against Eugene Middle School. They appeared on different media such as “Good Morning America,” and they talked about the issue of bullying at school.

To me, bullying is a crucial subject in the world. Kids can’t even go to school and assume it’s a safe environment.

If none of the staff or school board members make sure that every student in that middle school is safe, then that needs to be addressed. The bus driver that was involved should have been fired because he didn’t do anything for the kid when some boys were beating him up on the bus.

I think bullying is a very bad abuse because it could probably be low self-esteem that the abusers have. They are not getting the attention they want, and that’s why everyone is not so open to them. That’s why they decide to pick on somebody they might be jealous of or disloyal to, or even if they have a bad symptom of hatred.

Bullying should be stopped and if it is attempted, those doing the bullying should be placed in some kind of counseling or deal with their problem some other way.

Marlene Fritz

Bruin Times Columnist

Hopi High School

Thanksgiving, a time for family

Thanksgiving to me means it’s a holiday when you get to spend time with your family and just have a good meal with them. This is the time you’ll be able to see each other because in the future they might live somewhere far away, or they’re always busy and never have time to talk with you.

I also like it because of the food; that’s the best to me. Yams and marshmallows are what I like best.

My family always has a big Thanksgiving, and sometimes, after eating or later at night, we have a little bingo. Its fun, especially when you win something.

Last year, we had a bingo and later we lit fireworks. It was cool. It was like a special night for me because my whole family was home —every single one of my family members. So, it was fun and nice to see everyone again.

So, Thanksgiving is one of my best holidays, that and Christmas. I love Christmas because rolling around in the snow is fun, and sledding too.

One time I went sledding with my cousin and I was going down the hill on a tube, my brother put vegetable oil on the bottom to make it go faster. As I was going down, I tried to stop and my foot hit a bush and I flew into a ditch.

Thanksgiving is a special day and fun. Eating, that’s good too, but the most important thing about Thanksgiving to me is being with family. You can laugh together and talk together. It’s such a good feeling, Thanksgiving.

Valentine Honani

Bruin Times Columnist

Hopi High School

Make 15 age to get drivers license

The age to start to drive should be 15.

We learn as we start to drive. As we get older our learning abilities will be safer. Our driving skills will improve.

As we turn a year older every year we will learn more about the road. People are constantly not paying attention at the wheel. When we learn about these driving habits, we may save lives.

There are crazy people who do not care about the safety of others. The only thing they have concern for is themselves.

When we get older, people on the road will realize that we are concerned drivers.

Throughout our lives, we may be involved in an accident, witness one or be the cause of one. That may only apply to the youth now, but as we get older it will not.

Nobody follows the age limit right now. There are very young drivers on the road. They may not know the consequences. It may cause when they get into a wreck.

Sometimes they may die driving at their own risk.

Majol Honanie

Bruin Times Columnist

Hopi High School


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